Study Product Design at the University of Central Lancashire


Come and study Product Design in the School of Art, Design & Performance at UCLan.

Take a look around you. Wherever you are, you will see the work of the product designer. If the sheer number of products does not impress you, then the incredible diversity and breadth of shapes, functions and technologies must.

The Product Design course at UCLan provides you with the perfect opportunity to enter the world of professional product design. The course will provide you with all of the skills you need to not only understand what product design is, but to enter the professional design environment when you graduate from the course with industry relevant knowledge that will enable you to design products that are not only sensitive to user needs, but market relevant, technically sound and aesthetically relevant.

The work of the Product Designer surrounds us. We use product, we work with product and we buy product. Join the course that will change you from product user, to Product Designer.

Product Designers participate at all stages of the creation of a new product, from initial concept sketches through to the generation of finished products for mass manufacture.

This course will teach you all of the skills needed to be an effective and successful product designer. From initially identifying the problem, you will be taken through the ‘design process’ and introduced to the skills and techniques, such as model making, visualisation, technological specification and material selection that can guarantee a competitive advantage in the professional product design environment.

If you are still reading this, you have a naturally inquiring mind and don’t like being told what to do – excellent. Read on