applying to study with us

The first 8 steps to becoming a product designer……….

Step 1 Applying through UCAS

As with applications to all design degree courses, you must apply through UCAS

Our course code is    W241

step 2 Getting an interview

You will next receive a letter from us offering you an interview. We tend to typically interview on Wednesdays.

We encourage you to attend the interview. not only does it give us a chance to meet you, you get a chance to meet us, look around the School of Art, Design & Performance and ask any questions this website has forgotten to give you the answers to!

Additionally, and probably must important to you, a successful interview will result, potentially, in a reduction in your points offer for a place on the course.

step 3 Preparing for your interview

We normally expect you to becoming directly from your ‘A’ level studies, though we also receive students from foundation courses and non standard routes (if you are a mature student for example). Irrespective of your entry background, we expect that you bring a portfolio of your work.

We think portfolios are very important – not only will a good one get you on this course, you also need a good portfolio to get a job when you graduate.

You should have:

  •  an enquiring mind.
  •  an enthusiastic interest for the area.
  •  a basic understanding of what product design is.
  •  an idea of what is happening in product design at the moment (products, designers or   manufacturers)
  •  a sense of humour
  •  a likeable disposition
  •  a want to work hard, develop your skills and reap the result of 3 years of learning.

Don’t worry – we don’t expect you to be a product designer when you arrive for interview – that’s why you want to come onto the course!

your portfolio should contain:

  •  your project work.
  •  any 3d modelling or artifacts that you have produced as part of your project work.
  •  any additional sketch work that shows you have a commitment to design and drawing.

we look for the following things in a portfolio:

  •  a clear thought process through your sketch work.
  •  an ability to problem solve through sketching.
  •  a clear demonstration of your enquiry and investigation through your project work.
  •  an awareness of contemporary design.
  •  an awareness of layout and sheet design.
  •  evidence of 3d exploration of your ideas (physically, not cad)

step 4 The interview

We fully appreciate that going to an interview, showing strangers your work and worrying whether it is good enough is very stressful. When you arrive you will usually wait for all the applicants that are being interviewed, either in the morning or afternoon slot. When everybody has arrived, one of out members of staff will come and collect you and bring you up to, typically, a studio where you will each be interviewed. First we will take you on a short tour of the building, this is partly to obviously show you around, but also to let you relax a bit. Once the tour is over we will see each of you individually for interview.

The purpose of the interview process is two fold. firstly, we can see your work and secondly you can present it and talk about yourself. We try to do this in as a relaxed manner as we can, as I said before, we appreciate you are anxious and we will do all we can to make the interview as stress free as we can. We will try to ask questions that allow you to talk about yourself – we are as interested as you as a person  as we are as you as an interviewee.

step 5 Notification of offer

Normally about 7 days after you interview, you will receive an offer from us. as i mentioned before, if you have interviewed well, you may well notice that we have made a reduced points offer to you. Take this as a recognition of a good interview performance – please don’t take it as a reason to throttle back in your studies. you should still try to do as well in your exams as possible – you have already put a lot of effort in, don’t waste that just because you think you have achieved your goal of studying with us.

step 6 Accepting the offer

Reply to ucas confirming you decision to accept a place on Product Design BA @ uclan

step 7 Becoming a UCLan student

Once your exam results are confirmed you will begin to receive all the necessary forms and information to prepare you for study within the School of Art, Design & Performance.

step 8 See you in September!

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