Concept Design1

Design in general and particularly Product Design is an incredibly complex activity and provides you with an amazing opportunity to learn so many things and develop loads of new skills.

We use Concept Design1 in the first year of your studies to reintroduce you to the principles behind and the techniques associated with drawing and visualising. Drawing as a communication device and as a method of exploring your ideas is possibly one of the most important skills you will develop while you are with us. You will be introduced to ‘traditional’ manual techniques to begin with, including perspective sketching, marker rendering and concept sketching.

Sketching is a truly life long activity – you will never master it – but you will get better and better the more you practice!

We place a massive emphasis on you spending time to develop your drawing and visualising skills. the more time you spend, the better you will get- its really as simple as that! We know that people arrive with us with differing skills and differing levels of ability – this is

Your 2nd semester will be spent considering concepts for a kitchen knife. This project will not only allow you your first experience of a concept activity, it will also allow you to practice and develop your drawing and visualising skills.