Building off themes and approaches first introduced in Concept Design1, Concept Design2 explores the styling requirements of  specific companies or clients in a professional context. The purpose is to explore and consider the nature of a company or brand identity as it manifests itself in a manufactured object.

While the first project of the module is flexible – sometimes being a live activity with an external company, sometimes a student defined assignment, the second project is always the same and has become quite a favourite with students and staff alike.

In Semester 2 you will pick a manufacturing company (that doesn’t currently make footwear) and imagine what a piece of footwear would look like if they did. The purpose of the project is to allow you to get fully to grips with a company’s Visual Design Language (VDL) and explore not only a new product sector for them (footwear), but also how their existing VDL – colour, materials, texture, form/ detail and graphics/ branding can be translated into a piece of footwear.

The sky is literally the limit with this project and we have had some amazing responses from students from this brief.

what follows is a great example of this sort of footwear project.