Concept Design3, provides the final iteration of this course study thread. As you would expect, by final year you have complete control of your project area – you might want to consider something of personal interest or perhaps a revisit of a project explored previously in your studies.

Throughout out your studies you will have developed an understanding of the value of insight in terms of users and the market you are designing for – the smallest insight or new understanding can provide you with a unique starting point for a whole project….

The following work was produced by Joel who began his final year by considering the very imminent arrival of ‘Space Tourism’ as a project area for Concept Design3. Based on his interest in footwear design, Joel spent his first Semester considering the needs of passenger footwear for sub-orbital space flight.


His second semester activity grew from a single, but fantastic observation – a lunar ‘day’ is 28 earth days long – how will you tell the time if you are working, or even holidaying on the moon…..?!?