Year 3 provides you with the chance to demonstrate your skills as a designer through 2 year long major project activities, that you define, plan and run. If year 1 was about acquisition of design knowledge and year 2 looked to develop this knowledge, then year 3 should be seen as the deployment of the knowledge and skills you have so far accumulated.

Whilst this is your final year of studies on our undergraduate programmes, it also potentially sets the tone for your entry into the world of professional design. Your final projects provide an opportunity to target markets or product sectors you might wish to ultimately work within, contact, and possibly even work with companies that operate in these areas. The culmination of your 3 years of study are the ‘degree show’ held with all other graduating students in the school and then national exposure of your work through attendance at the annual ‘new designers’ exhibition in London.

Concept Design3
Concept Design3 allows you to explore an area of personal interest and undertake a number of conceptual explorations that will result in the definition of a range of concept proposals, from an existing range development to a future concept design for a market or user who may not yet exist. Students are encouraged to use this activity to seek support from manufacturers and individuals in the industry to provide extra insight and advice on their project activities. The outcomes from this module are extensive, creative and eye opening.
Honours Project
Is the module that determines the award of ‘honours’ and must be passed to achieve a named award with the prefix BA(Hons). The aim of this module is to provide the student with the opportunity to further explore issues and directions first defined in DD3000. relative to design detail, this module allows a more speculative and conceptual approach regarding the activity and the area of interest. Starting points for this activity might be a personal interest, live brief or competition.

Computer Aided Prototyping
Provides students with the opportunity to consolidate an in depth knowledge of SolidWorks 3D modelling software. The module supports students to recognise and deal with complex modelling/ form issues providing an opportunity for students to develop detailed and sophisticated formatic information to support their design proposals in modules DD3992 Honours Project and PD3304 Concept Design3. A number of model making techniques will be taught and used to test and explore detailed areas of the student’s final year projects including, prototyping to prove and validate more detailed areas of the projects and to produce functional prototypes for testing and validation. Analysis tools within SolidWorks will be used to test component strength and moulding suitability.

Contextual Studies – Design Futures
Provides the student with the opportunity to undertake an extrapolatory activity, based on and informed by their studies through the preceding 2 years of contextual studies. The aim of the module is to develop future facing proposals based upon the students’ project areas. you will be introduced to the concept of new product definition and new market possibility within the context of an identified future opportunity. This activity, in conjunction with other final year modules, allows the student to demonstrate design understanding and creative originality in the form of a critically justified research activity.